This blog is long overdue but I feel that something needs to be said about the Vancouver Bike Show which was the first of its kind.  For a bicycle friendly city such as Vancouver, it’s hard to believe that there hasn’t been an annual bicycle show like there is in Toronto or many other cities across North America.   The Vancouver bike show was organized alongside the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show within the same venue and during the same weekend.  It was technically all one show but was promoted as two.

The bike show had bicycle retailers and bicycle brands selling bicycles and accessories, raffling away a free bicycle trailer, and showing off the newest products on the market.  Bicycle commuters, touring cyclists and even bmx junkies attended the show where there was lots to see and even test ride.  If you’re an commuting cyclist in the Vancouver area, this show is a must-go-see for you.

Vancouver Bike Show

Although the bike show was much smaller than the Outdoor Adventure Show, I believe that almost anyone in Vancouver interested in Outdoor Adventure is also into biking.

“Over 17,300 consumers attended the events and our surveys showed that 63% came specifically for their interest in Biking” said Linda Harvey, Exhibitor Development & PR for the Vancouver Bike Show.

The traffic of people was steady and busy. The Maya Cycle booth was raffling away a free bicycle trailer and collecting raffle tickets throughout the show.  By Sunday afternoon the raffle box was full! Talia Erickson’s name was pulled and she was at the show to be able to collect her prize.  Congratulations Talia!

Overall experience was a blast!  We are super pumped to be a part of the Vancouver Bike Show again next year.  We’ll keep you posted on booth number and details for 2012.

To read more about the 2011 Vancouver Bike Show, check out’s blog about the show.