Maya Cycle

The Best Bike Trailer!

Maya Cycle is the best bike trailer with a kickstand that holds your bike and trailer upright, and converts into a wheelbarrow so you can easily move your heavy cargo.

Designed and built for city streets, rides to the beach, camping getaways, cross-country touring, and any other type of cycling adventure you would like to experience absolutely hassle-free.

With Maya Cycle’s unique design, you’ll bike ride through your day and never worry about thin bike paths, tight corners, pedestrians, or anything else that may come as close to you and your bike as a street side curb.

With the Maya Cycle bike trailer, you can bring what you want, when you need it. Take the load off your back and let Maya Cycle carry the weight of your day!

quote openThe Maya Cycle has reached my expectations as a bike trailer and exceeded my expectations as a beer carrier! I’m impressed, thank you!

– DAVEquote close

Bike Trailer Adventures

Made Fun and Easy!

grocery bike trailer in wheelbarrow mode
  • Convenient. Kickstand holds your bike and trailer upright for easy parking, loading and unloading.
  • Multi-Purpose. Converts into a wheelbarrow so you can comfortably move cargo from one place to another.
  • Spacious. Square flatbed is perfectly sized for your cooler; camping gear; a couple cases of beer; a large square container; a recycling bin; or of course, the FREE custom water-resistant bag.
  • Removable. Quickly attach/detach your bike trailer with the Quick Release or solid axle Adaptors. No need for tools.
  • Safe. With an angled pivot point and low center of gravity, there is virtually no fishtailing, even when riding down-hill.

The Bike Trailer

You’ve Been Looking For

  • Light. Under 13 lbs (5.9 kg) total weight. You won’t feel the bike trailer behind you.
  • Durable. Every Maya Cycle bike trailer is tested for quality and proper function.
  • Flexible. Tubular steel flexes to absorb shock when off-roading.
  • Precise. The 16” wheel follows directly behind your bike tires.
  • Strong. Easily carries up to 66 lbs (30 kg).
  • Generous. Use with or without panniers and/or bike racks.
  • Visible. Reflective stripes are located on the bike trailer bag and flag.
bike trailer parked

Developed by P. Eng.

Unmatched in Precision and Convenience

The Maya Cycle Bike Trailer
is a Registered Name Trademark

Watch out for unauthorized copies!

  • Fits most standard bikes with 26-inch wheels, 700c or 29er’s
  • Requirements: Bike frame rear fork width of: 5.5″-6.5″ (140 – 165 mm)
  • Load Capacity: 66 lbs (30 kg)
  • Total Trailer Weight: 13 lbs (5.9 kg)
  • Length of Trailer: 39″ (1 meter) from behind back bike tire
  • Wheel: 16 x 1.75″ Nylon tire, steel hub, solid axle, aluminum rim
  • Cargo Area (approximately): Length 19″ x Width 15″ x Height 13″
  • Bag Capacity: 60 Liters
  • Total Wheelbarrow Weight (minus the fork): 10.6 lbs (4.8 kg)
  • The package includes: Plastic Bearings (2), Lynch Pin and Ring, Attachment Components, Wing Nuts (2), fender (mad guard), safety flag, back light reflector, elastic straps (2), Maya Cycle quick release, Maya Cycle adaptors 3/8”x26 (2), BONUS FREE BAG

Proven Performance

Join The Thousands of Happy Maya Cycle Bike Trailer Customers
and Experience Why They Love It so Much!

Victor, BC
quote openJust wanted to tell you that I completed my 400 km trip of dirt trails through the mountains of central British Columbia with my Maya Cycle and that I am really happy with the handling and performance of the trailer.I was able to fit everything (tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, food, cookware, clothing and spare parts) at about 25 kg. Most of the time I could hardly feel it behind me.

This is the best bike trailer, got lots of compliments. Look forward to using it again. Thanks!! quote close

Victor, BC
Malinda, Seattle Washington
quote openI love my Maya trailer and use it for grocery shopping. I find it to carry an amazing amount of items that are heavy, and I love how it handles the load with ease.quote close
Malinda, Seattle Washington
Tour DeRamsey bike tour with trailer loaded
quote openMy goodness. When I first used the original quick release, the fork came undone several times when it wasn’t fascined properly… I could only imagine what could’ve happened.. But this is a fool proof assembly. Easy on, easy off. No nonsense and it seems very secure.quote close
Tour DeRamsey Approved!
bike with bike trailer fully loaded
quote openMaya, I lost my camera on a recent bike trip and was hoping to find it and all the pics I took.The trailer is awesome! I have used it to haul groceries, bricks for a flower garden, tools to jobs, fishing trips and camping trips. It is by far the best trailer of the 3 I have owned! Never even feel it behind me when I go riding and lots of people stop me to ask about it (possible commission on sales? lol). I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a cargo trailer and thanks for giving me one. Will most likely be buying one later this year for my girlfriend so we can go camping together. Have a great day!quote close
Richard MacCallum
quote openI have been using the Maya Cycle bike trailer and so far I think it is terrific. I have not loaded it with anything substantial, but what I like is that I hardly even know it is there. It rides smoothly and quietly, and follows perfectly around bends as tight as 5 ft radius. The only way I notice its presence is going over bumps or curbs… as expected there is a third “clunk”.

There were 2 small “design deficiencies” associated with water puddles and mud that I wanted to improve on. I thought you might be interested in my solutions.quote close

quote openSo far I love the Maya Cycle, I use it all the time for school. I’m a teacher and I can bring some of the marking home in it. Very handy.

My wife found it by watching Dragon’s Den and ordered it for me.quote close

Dylan McCafferty

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Bicycle Trailer Bag

Maya Cycle Bag – custom designed, water resistant – included FREE!