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This past March I had the privilege of attending and exhibiting the Maya Cycle bicycle bike trailer at 3 of the best consumer bicycle shows on the West Coast: Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.  How was it? Nothing short of amazing!! There was one question that was asked at every show, by many: How does the Maya Cycle bicycle trailer differ from the BOB bike trailer?


How does the Maya Cycle bicycle trailer differ from the BOB bike trailer?

Maya Cycle is similar and comparable to the Bob Yak bike trailer in that it:Bike Trailer


  • Attaches from both sides (left and right) of your bicycle’s rear wheel axle
  • Has a single 16” wheel
  • Made out of steel
  • Weighs about 13 lbs total weight
  • Carries over 60 lbs
  • Carries 3661 cubic inches of cargo (60 liters)


What differentiates the Maya Cycle bicycle trailer from the BOB bike trailer are the features the Maya Cycle has that BOB does not:

1.  Maya Cycle has a kickstand that holds your bicycle and trailer upright for easy parking and loading/unloading

2.  Maya Cycle releases at the pivot point

3.  Maya Cycle converts into a fully functional wheelbarrow so you can move your cargo to where you need it without straining your back or tagging your bike along everywhere you go

4.  Maya Cycle is compact, under one meter long behind the back of your bike wheel, which makes for easier maneuverability and parking in urban environments

5.  Maya Cycle is designed so the center of gravity sits lower than the pivot point of the bike trailer which allows for easier handling

6.  Maya Cycle pivots into your turns “hammock-ing” behind you, which substantially reduces drag and fishtailing effects, allowing for sharp turns

7.  Maya Cycle is a flatbed with a rectangular shape, which allows for square shape items to be loaded into the trailer (i.e.: Cooler, 2-4 of your favorite beer)

Bob bike trailer vs Maya Cycle

Now if you ask me which one is better?  I can’t answer that for you because I never had the privilege of cycling with a BOB bike trailer.  But I can tell you one thing for sure; Maya Cycle definitely has the BOB trailer beat with its kick-stand and compact maneuverability. Need more proof? Check out the customer reviews.

The best difference of all? Maya Cycle ships FREE at ONLY $249 and includes a FREE bag. The BOB bike trailer ranges between $320 – $360 from your local bicycle retail store.


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