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//Maya Cycle Bicycle Trailer

Maya Cycle Bicycle Trailer

USD $249.00

The best bike trailer with a kickstand that holds your bike and trailer upright, and converts into a wheelbarrow so you can easily move your heavy cargo.

  • Convenient. Kickstand holds your bike and trailer upright for easy parking, loading and unloading.
  • Multi-Purpose. Converts into a wheelbarrow so you can comfortably move cargo from one place to another.
  • Spacious. Square flatbed is perfectly sized for your cooler; camping gear; a couple cases of beer; a large square container; a recycling bin; or of course, the FREE custom water-resistant bag.
  • Removable. Quickly attach/detach your bike trailer with the Quick Release or solid axle Adaptors. No need for tools.
  • Safe. With an angled pivot point and low center of gravity, there is virtually no fishtailing, even when riding down-hill.Includes: Maya Cycle trailer + 16 inch wheel, fender, reflector light, Standard Adaptors (3/8×26).
  • Includes: Maya Cycle trailer + 16 inch wheel, Plastic Bearings (2), Lynch Pin and Ring, Attachment Components, Wing Nuts (2), fender (mad guard), safety flag, back light reflector, elastic straps (2), Maya Cycle quick release, Maya Cycle adaptors 3/8”x26 (2), BONUS FREE BAG.