How to Pick the Right Bike Trailer

Bicycle Trailer

A bike trailer proves to be a valuable choice and just like everything else, one remains spoilt for choices when shopping for the right one. Nevertheless, you must make some choices and get the best bike trailer for your needs. It will all depend on how you are going to use it and how often.


Carrying heavy items

If you think you would need to carry some heavy and bulky cargo, then there are plenty of bike trailer designs that will cater to your needs. Or, if you think you need something special, you can have a custom bike trailer made for you.


Two wheel or single wheel bike trailer

First, you’ll have to decide if you need a single wheel bike trailer or two wheel cargo carrier.

Single wheel bike trailers follow directly in-line with your bicycle and are as wide as your bike’s handle bars.

Two-wheel bike trailers are more stable in balance but are wide and bulky for city streets or bike paths. Whether you are looking for stability for heavy and large cargo, or maneuverability, its up to you.

The carrying capacity of single or two wheel bike trailers are both restricted, so do your research before you settle on one style/design.

Maya Cycle bike trailer

Child carrier bike trailer

If you will be carrying children in the bike trailer, then you will need a robust trailer with wide spaced wheels and a seat belt for the child. The bike trailer should have a rain-proof cover and the child must also wear a safety helmet. It should also be padded to offer a comfortable seating.


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