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Vancouver Bike Show 2012

The 2012 Vancouver bike show was a hit!  The fact that the Outdoor Adventure show and Vancouver Bike Show were held in the same venue and side-by-side brought a larger crowd of cycling enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.  Waves of BUSY kept us on our feet for two solid days.

The Vancouver bike show had something for everyone, from your local bike shop exhibiting and selling last year’s inventory to your local small business, manufacturer and distributor of new patented products and designs.  And, let’s not forget major brands like Rocky Mountain and Giant with their reps introducing all the newest bicycles and products.


Kijiji BoothOther than our very own Maya Cycle booth, I had two favorite exhibitors at the show: First, the Kijiji booth promoting a new bicycle section on  Kijiji reps were giving out caramelized popcorn and taking fun pictures of individuals riding a new road bike in front of a set background.  The pictures can be seen on Kijiji’s Facebook page.  This was one booth everyone stopped at and had a photo taken, just because it was so fun.

Second, ‘Beats and Bikes’  partnered with ‘Pink Bike’ where their booth was made to look like a cool hang out with large tattoo like artwork printed on large canvas, drawing attention from all passersby.    Loud beats could be heard all the way in the Maya Cycle booth (we didn’t mind, it was fun!).  At this year’s show, Beats and Bikes presented their newly designed and Canadian made bike named “The Traffic King” during the Saturday bicycle fashion show.  The launch of this new design was so top secret, it was covered with a sheet right up until the moment it was exposed on the runway of the fashion show.  German from Beats and Bikes was in charge of preventing pre-exposure of the bike and protecting it from people like me who tried to sneak a peak under the sheet.  I got in trouble like a boy looking under a girls skirt… LOLl  Hand slap and all!!!  Vancouverites enjoyed the fun booth display, the music, the cool bikes and even fun stick-on tattoo’s for the kids and adults young at heart.

“Traffic King is a bicycle project started by Beats and Bikes.  The goal was to create an aggressive single speed belt drive urban bike built with as many local “Canadian” manufactured bicycle components as possible” German Pombo

While in Vancouver, I had the privilege of visiting many Vancouver bike shops, introducing the Maya Cycle bicycle trailer.  We are proud to say we have partnered with ‘The Bike Doctor’ and ‘Ride On Again’ on West Broadway.  If you are in the Vancouver area, you can visit these stores and pick up your very own Maya Cycle bicycle trailer.

As always, we very much enjoyed the Vancouver bike show and Vancouver as a city.  We hope to be there again next year.  Thanks to Robin Harvey for putting together a fantastic bike show.  Next stop, the Seattle Bike Expo!

  1. Thanks for the shout out Marta…you look fab on the Champs d’Elysees! When were you in France???
    Just a note; not all retailers were “selling last year’s inventory” as a few Vancouver Bike Show exhibiting manufacturers were guiding interested shoppers to show vendors to buy this year’s products, too.

    All in all, we are very pleased that you joined the show again and hope you will share Maya Cycle Products again at the 2013 Vancouver Bike Show, now Western Canada’s biggest big show, March 2 & 3 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 

    Have a great summer and congrats on your new Vancouver partners!

  2. An absolute blast being in the show and having the opportunity to be on the other side of the booth this year.  It was a pleasure hanging out in the Mayacycle booth with my very good friend Marta during this two day event and meeting all sorts of people and sharing stories of their wonderful cycling adventures.  It was truly enjoyable and the event was well organized.  We need more events like these to get the whole cycling community of the city of Vancouver under one roof. 
    I’d like to say thanks to those that I’ve met in the show including the show organizers, other vendors and all the cyclists that have inspired me with their stories.  The biggest thanks go to Marta for letting me be a part of the Mayacycle family for this event.   I hope I didn’t scare off too many customers away from the booth!  😉 
    ..until next time.

    Eli – the designated booth bunny

    • You guys had such a great booth, very friendly and charming.  I must add, very good looking booth bunnies too!  😉

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