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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Maya Cycle fit my bike?

Maya Cycle fits most standard bikes with 26 inch wheels, 700c or 29ers.  The Maya Cycle trailer fork fits bicycle’s with a distance of 140-165 mm at the rear axle, and attaches to bicycle’s via quick-release or solid axle nuts with a 26 x 3/8″ thread or M10 x 1.  For more details, please download the Maya Cycle manual located on our Instructions page.


Is Maya Cycle compatible with a 20″ wheel?

Maya Cycle is compatible with bicycle’s with 20″ wheels if the bicycle has a standard rear axle.  Bikes with 20″ wheels may have a different rear axle thread count or the axle may not be accessible at all.  Check that your bike has a standard axle width of 140-165 mm and 26 x 3/8 or M10 x 1 thread count.

If your bike’s rear axle is standard, the Maya Cycle will adapt as it would to any other standard bike and will be fully functional except for the kickstand.  In order for the kickstand to function properly on a bike with 20″ wheels, you will need to cut/shorten the kickstand legs.  Simply remove the kickstand caps and shorten the steel tubes by sawing/cutting them by one inch (from cross tube), then replace the kickstand caps.


How much weight can Maya Cycle carry?

The Maya Cycle bike trailer can safely carry up to 66 lbs.


Does the mount articulate up/down to allow for off-road or uneven terrain riding?

Yes. The fork allows for an up and down movement allowing you to ride rough terrain. Maya Cycle will follow directly behind your bicycle tires. You can watch Maya Cycle in action on our Instructions page.


Would this trailer be suitable for long distance bicycle touring?

Yes, Maya Cycle is durable enough to last on long distance bike tours.


Do you have any plans for a quick release for the trailer wheel? Or, can the solid axle be replaced with a hollow quick release axle?

At this time Maya Cycle does not offer a 16″ wheel with quick-release as an option. You can replace the Maya Cycle wheel with a 16″ quick release wheel that may be supplied by your local bike shop.


Is the bag weatherproof?

The Maya Cycle bag is NOT weatherproof. It is made water resistant however the stitching and zipper will allow heavy rain to enter the bag.  We recommend to use a dry sack if traveling in wet conditions.  A 100% waterproof bag will be available in the near future.  Please contact us if you would like to be added to our list for notification.


Can you lock Maya Cycle to your bike to prevent theft?

Yes. Use a larger sized U-lock or a cable lock. Simply weave the lock through the trailer frame and bicycle back wheel and lock it. Then lock the bike as usual to a bike rack or other. If you prefer, you can also remove the trailer from your bicycle and lock the frame of the trailer to your bicycle frame.


Is the Maya Cycle compatible with Full Suspension Bikes and/or Disc Brakes?

Yes, Maya Cycle is compatible.  As long as there is access to your rear axle hub, whether it be replacing your quick-release with the Maya Cycle *New Quick Release or replacing your solid axle nuts with the Maya Cycle Standard Adaptors. Double check how wide your bicycle’s rear fork is at the axle, if it’s 140 – 165 mm wide, you’re OK!


What percentage of the Maya Cycle bike trailer is made in Canada?

The trailer is designed and tested in Canada. It is manufactured in China with 100% quality control. Once inventory arrives in Canada or the United States, it is checked again for quality assurance before it is shipped to the customer. For US orders, Maya Cycle is shipped from our warehouse in California.


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